Podcast #753

#753 – A New Vision for Church: Hugh Halter

Preston Sprinkle

Theology in the Raw

In this episode, Preston gets to know Hugh Halter, who’s done some innovative “church” plants—if we can even call them that. Preston and Hugh talk about the different kingdom projects that Hugh’s been a part of, especially his most recent project at “post commons”—a missional, kingdom-minded venture that might be the way forward in our post-Christian context. How can we integrate community-centered, kingdom-minded, for profit businesses with church planting and the gospel? Preston and Hugh explore this question in their conversation.

Hugh Halter has been a leading missiologist and thought-leader within the contemporary missional church movement. He has authored 8 books, and speaks extensively around the world helping the church be less churchy. He just moved his family to the St Louis area and has started a Neo-trappist marketplace mission as an incubator for good works and uses this story to help Christians rethink calling and kingdom contribution.

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