Exiles: The Church in the Shadow of Empire

by Chris Kottre


A thoughtful exploration of the intersection of faith and politics, Exiles asks: What if we considered ourselves “exiles in Babylon” and turned to Scripture, not political parties, to shape our most passionate values?

Politics are dividing our churches like never before. New York Times–bestselling author Dr. Preston M. Sprinkle reminds us that the first-century church was not an apolitical gathering, where Christians left their Roman politics at the door. It also wasn’t a place where Christians mounted a Roman flag next to—or above—a Christian one. Church was a place where God’s plan for governing the world was revealed, where one could witness what it means to follow the Creator’s design for human flourishing.

In this timely book, Preston explores why:

  • Israel’s exile to Babylon profoundly shaped the political identity of God’s people—and still does today.
  • Christians should see themselves as foreigners in the country where they live.
  • The gospel of Jesus’ kingdom was politically subversive.
  • The church today should view its political identity as fundamentally separate from the empire.

Total allegiance to a political party dilutes the church’s witness. Discover a more biblical, powerful way to live in a secular world. Discover what it means to live in exile.

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