Does the Bible Support Same-Sex Marriage? 21 Conversations from a Historically Christian View

by Preston Sprinkle

Many arguments are made for and against same-sex marriage that end with divisiveness and confusion instead of thoughtful conversation. New York Times–bestselling author Dr. Preston Sprinkle provides a resource that will encourage respectful and thoughtful conversations around the question “Does the Bible support same-sex marriage?”

Equipped with thorough research, history, and biblical context, this book will enable you to wade into some of the main arguments against the historically Christian view of marriage:

  • The biblical writers didn’t know about sexual orientation.

  • Jesus never mentions homosexuality.

  • Biblical teachings about women, slavery, and same-sex are on the same trajectory.

  • Since some people are born gay, then being gay must be okay.

  • The Bible has been mistranslated.

Preston carefully answers 21 of the strongest cases for same-sex marriage and offers a humanizing and thoughtful response to each one.