Go: Returning Discipleship To The Front Lines Of Faith

by Preston Sprinkle

Do you want to be more like Jesus? Really? Are you sure?

Jesus was a celibate middle-eastern homeless prophet who received the death penalty for treason.

He told rich people to give away their money.

He told religious people to give away their religion.

He told good people to love bad people, and bad people to come dine with him.

He told everyone to pick up their electric chairs and come die with him.

Could it be that the way we “do church” has become a too clean, too neat, and needs to be salted with the grit and grim of the first-century revolutionary movement?

Drawing on a 2015 Barna Group study of the state of discipleship in the United States commissioned by The Navigators, bestselling author Preston Sprinkle provides a holistic vision for discipleship in the 21st century by paying close attention to the 1st century. He sweeps aside the Christianeze clutter to understand what exactly it means to follow Jesus, to be a Christian, to be a disciple of the revolutionary King who turned the tables on the commercialization of religion.

What people are saying about Go:

  • “So I just finished “Go” and I have to tell you that my highlighter got an insane workout. There are many things Sprinkle point out that I’m wrestling with in my own journey, or I found that really challenged me. You can’t help but re-evaulate why we “do church” the way we do.” – Trevor Stultz
  • “I really liked this book! I flew through it in a couple of days because his writing style is so easy to follow and the content was engaging.” – S. Burns
  • “That there are so many hot topics hit in one clear concise book that flows from page to page is very surprising. Ultimately, I’ll never look at discipleship the same way again…I could rave on and on but just get the book. It’s a profound read.” – Amazon reviewer
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