Podcast #891

#891 – Kids and COVID, Platforming Detransitioners, Women in Leadership, NT Wright vs. John Piper: Q&A Podcast

Preston Sprinkle

Theology in the Raw

My Patreon supporters sent me a ton of questions to respond to, so here’s my attempt! Is it inconsistent for homeschool parents to say “kids need to go back to school” during COVID, then they are not…in school. Does Gen 2 really give us a definition for marriage? What do I think of Milo Yiannopolos? Would I have have him on the show? What do I think of NT Wright and John Piper’s recent articles? Should we read books or listen to music by Christian leaders who have fallen into sin? Why have I had on the show so many detransitioners? Doesn’t this skew the conversation? What are my thoughts on women in leadership and Beth Allison Barr’s book The Making of Biblical Womanhood? And much more!