Podcast #1021

#1021 – My 15 Year Old Daughter Peppers Me with Lots of Hard Questions about the Bible and Christianity: Josie Sprinkle

Preston Sprinkle

Theology in the Raw

Okay, so this is a different sort of podcast episode. Here’s the backstory. My third daughter, Josie, is an Enneagram 5 and always has LISTS (like, very long lists) of questions about the Bible, God, Christianity, and Religion. And they are always very difficult and thoughtful questions. So, every couple of weeks, we have this tradition where we’ll go out to chips and salsa and work through her questions. One day, I suggested: “hey, we should record this on the podcast?!” And she said, “Um, no?!” But then she thought about it and said she’d be willing to consider this, and then she said she’d love to be on the podcast to talk through her questions. So that’s what this podcast is. Honestly, it’s a pretty raw and real and intimate family moment where my 15 year old daughter and I talk about the Bible. 

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