Podcast #858

#858- Understanding GenZ: Grant Skeldon

Preston Sprinkle

Theology in the Raw

Grant Skeldon is a leading expert in understanding GenZ and has spent the last several years of his life raising up and discipling GenZ leaders. In this podcast episode, Grant walks us through an indepth look at GenZ and corrects some wrong assumptions older people have about this vibrant generation. 

Grant started Initiative Network when he was 23 with the goal to develop young leaders into Christ-loving, city-changing, church-investing, disciple-making local missionaries. Initiative has united and accelerated some of the most diverse and dynamic next gen leaders from across the country. In 2020 Grant got married and moved to Nashville to become the Next Gen Director for Q.

He has written for The Wall Street Journal, Relevant, and The Gospel Coalition. His book on millennials, The Passion Generation has helped thousands of pastors and parents who are trying to reach, raise, and retain the next generation. Grant serves on the board of Catalyst, as well as an associate for Leadership Network and Exponential.

Learn more about Grant on his website: http://grantskeldon.com

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