Podcast #796

#796 – I Finally Discovered My Enneagram Number! A Convo with Enneagram Guru Jeff Cook

Preston Sprinkle

Theology in the Raw

I’ve tried taking several Enneagram tests but I can never finish them. I hate the binary answers they give: When you walk into a room, do you want to dominate everyone or hide in the corner?” Ugh! What if it’s neither!? That’s why I reached out to my buddy Jeff Cook to have him give me a personal and conversational evaluation of my Enneagram score. Wait, is it a “score?” Or a number? I’m not a number, I’m a person! Don’t put me in a box!! Whatever the Enneagram is, Jeff Cook is an expert in it. Watch him as he uses the force to draw out the inner me with all its grit and grime. After we find out my number, we turn to the biblical writers to see what number they are and why it matters. Yup, we even dare to figure out what Jesus is on the Enneagram. We haven’t been struck down by lightening—yet.

Jeff Cook teaches philosophy at UNC and pastors Atlas Church in Greeley, Colorado. He speaks about all things enneagram on the Around the Circle Podcast, and is the author of “Seven: The Deadly Sins and the Beatitudes” (Zondervan 2008). He lives in Colorado with his wife and two kids.

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