Podcast #1050

German Christian Nationalism and the American Church: Dr. Ryan Tafilowski

Preston Sprinkle

German Christian Nationalism and the American Church: Dr. Ryan TafilowskiTheology in the Raw
Dr. Ryan Tafilowski is an expert in the rise of the Nazi party in Germany 100 years ago and the German church’s response to the movement. It’s here where the concept of Christian nationalism became a divisive issue in the church. Ryan and I talk about the similarities and dissimilarities between German Christian Nationalism and modern American Chrisitan Nationalism. Ryan holds a PhD in systematic theology, a master’s in theology in history from the University of Edinburgh, and a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies from Colorado Christian University. Tafilowski has served as an adjunct professor in the Division of Christian Thought at Denver Seminary, adjunct professor of theology at Colorado Christian University, and postgraduate instructor in theology and ecclesiastical history at the University of Edinburgh. He serves as the lead pastor at Foothills Fellowship Church in Denver and as Theologian-in-Residence at the Denver Institute for Faith and Work.