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Bonus Episode! Responding to Some Critiques: Preston Sprinkle

Preston Sprinkle

Bonus Episode! Responding to Some Critiques: Preston SprinkleTheology in the Raw
Welcome to a sneak peek of the Bonus Q&A episode, part of the Theology in the Raw premium subscription. 

In this Patreon-only episode, you’ll get a sneak peak into my responses to some criticisms I’ve received over the last few months, such as: why am I having an open and affirming speaker at the Exiles conference? Do I really believe that gay people don’t need to repent? Am I a heretic for believing that same-sex attraction itself is not a morally culpable sin? Do the terms gay and trans always have to convey a thick ontological view of human nature? Is it a sin to say “gay Christian?” Do my political views make me an isolationist? Do I “put right and coddle left?” Do I believe that Christians should never be involved with politics? I address these and other questions.

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