Podcast #600

#600 – Is the Bible Parody, Inerrant, Corrected, Relevant?

Preston Sprinkle

Is the Bible Parody, Inerrant, Corrected, Relevant? Theology in the Raw

Today Preston is settling in the basement with a warm cup of coffee (soon to be cold)  for today’s hour-long podcast and answering your many questions about the Bible. 

Is the book of Jonah satire or a parody? Is it an actual historical book? What did the author intend for it to be? If God breathed stars into existence surely he can make a fish swallow a man. 

Can the Bible really be infallible and inerrant when there is such a human element to it? Preston claims that are errors in the Bible yet it is still inerrant.

Does Jesus actually correct The Torah (The Old Testament Law) or does He simply bring out the full intention of the Torah? 

Is scripture inspired. Is it a salvific issue to believe in the inspiration and authority of scripture? Can Jesus really be understood apart from scripture?

Was the Bible written directly for us today? How do we apply the Bible to ourselves when it was written to the Christians in the 1st Century? 

Also, a question sparks a discussion on how we “do” church. 

Is everything we read in the Psalms for today? Should we pray ALL the Psalms? 

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