Preston’s Top Picks – Vol. 3

Preston Sprinkle

For this month’s “Preston’s Picks,” I want to highlight an awesome book I’ve thoroughly enjoyed by Preston Perry. It’s titled: How to Tell the Truth: The Story of How God Saved Me to Win Hearts–Not Just Arguments

I’ve got to admit, I was a bit nervous when Preston’s book showed up at my doorstep. The one thing I dislike more than sharing my faith is feeling guilty for not wanting to share my faith.

I suspect many of you feel the same way. We love Jesus. We believe the gospel. We cherish the Bible. But for some reason, it’s hard for us to share our faith.

If this is you (and this is definitely me), then all I can say is you must read Preston Perry’s book! In How to Tell the Truth, Preston tells his own story of how he got saved and became passionate about telling people about Jesus. His story is incredible, but his evangelistic zeal doesn’t feel like the same guilt-driven passion I grew up experiencing. 

Preston Perry is super genuine, authentic, raw, and relationally focused. As he says in his book, his goal is not to win arguments, but to win hearts. Yes, intellectual rebuttals to arguments against Christianity are important but they aren’t ultimate. People are rarely argued into the kingdom of God, but they are frequently loved into Christ’s reign.  

Perry’s book is super well written, engaging, humble, honest, and wise. I was expecting to read the book and feel super guilty about my lack of passion for evangelism. Instead, I was encouraged to learn more about Jesus from a friend and gain some valuable lessons about how I can truly tell others about Jesus in a non-condemning and loving way.

Preston Perry is like the master Yoda of a new generation of evangelists, who can easily win an argument but see the value in embodying the compassion and love of Jesus as a means to exposing people to the compelling vision of the kingdom of Christ.

Whether you want to get better at evangelism, or just want to embrace Jesus more fully, Preston’s book is an incredible read. Please do check it out

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