Podcast #1143

When to Talk to Your Kids About Sex? Dr. Julia Sadusky

Preston Sprinkle

When to Talk to Your Kids About Sex? Dr. Julia SaduskyTheology in the Raw
Dr. Julia Sadusky is a licensed clinical psychologist in Colorado. She is also an author, consultant, speaker, and adjunct professor. Dr. Sadusky has done extensive research and clinical work in sexual development and specializes in trauma-informed care. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Ave Maria University and a master’s degree and doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Regent University. She has authored several books around human sexuality, with her most recent book titled, Start Talking to Your Kids about Sex: A Practical Guide for Catholics (Ave Maria Press, 2023). 

Julia’s latest book forms the foundation for our scintillating conversation. When should we talk to our kids about sex? What does “age appropriate” ways of talking look like? The importance of naming body parts. How to protect against sexual abuse. 

Learn more about Julia: https://www.juliasadusky.com/about

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