Podcast #1184

What (actually) Is Liberation Theology? Dr. Jules Martinez

Preston Sprinkle

What (actually) Is Liberation Theology? Dr. Jules MartinezTheology in the Raw

Dr. Jules Martinez-Olivieri is a theologian, practitioner, and author focusing on the intersection of social, pastoral, and systematic theology. Jules holds an MDiv and PHD from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has taught in Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Perú, and the United States seminaries and universities. Martínez’s ecclesial experiences include pastoral ministry, church planting, and community development. He is author of A Visible Witness: Christology, Liberation and Participation (Fortress). In this conversation, Jules gives a solid and thoughtful overview of liberation theology. What it is. What it isn’t. The historical roots. The intersection between theology and economic theory. Why do many forms of liberation theology have Marxist leanings and are anti-capitalistic?
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