Podcast #1056

UFO’s, Aliens, and Paranormal Experiences: Dr. Matthew Halsted

Preston Sprinkle

UFO's, Aliens, and Paranormal Experiences: Dr. Matthew HalstedTheology in the Raw
Matthew Halsted (PhD, London School of Theology) teaches at Eternity Bible College. He is the author of Paul and the Meaning of Scripture (Pickwick) and The End of the World as You Know It (Lexham Press, forthcoming). In this paranormal podcast conversation, Matt and I talk about all the juicy stuff listed in the title. We begin with Matt’s own paranormal experience with an angelic encounter when he was 14, and then we talk about UFO’s, whether or not they have an extra-terrestial origin (or just Chinese baloons or whatnot), or if there’s another way to interpret these phenomena (he suggests that there is). Put on your tinfoil hats, folks! This conversation is raw and real.