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Third Bonus Q&A for Patreon

Preston Sprinkle

Third Bonus Q&A for PatreonTheology in the Raw
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00:00 Introduction 

3:00 What areas do you think Christian thinkers need to put more attention in the next five years? What would you like to see books and dissertations written on? 

14:00 If God chose both Adam and Eve to rule the Garden. Why then would he say only men to rule the church? 

20:30 What do “treasures in heaven” look like? It seems materialistic to do something motivated by treasures in earth or in heaven, but we’re told that’s our reward. 

29:46 Why do so many Christians view decision-making in terms of “open doors” as a signal of God’s will or “feeling a peace about it”? Isn’t this a misapplication? 

38:38 Thoughts on doctor assisted suicide for conscious, aware, terminally ill and suffering people whose lives are prolonged by medicine? 

40:55 What is the optimal way to incorporate children (K-6th) into church services. Why Is this less a priority in many evangelical spaces? My kids don’t feel welcome. 

50:17 If you’ve seen The Chosen, what are your thoughts on it? And what are your thoughts on some of the criticism that has been leveled against it? 

56:03 Is there any info/data to refute the claim that a non-affirming theological position leads to suicidality/self-harm? 

108:11 You said ESV wasn’t biased to Gender Roles. 13 translators, 11 of them with a direct link to Grudem/on board of CBMW, complementarian, and 0 women- Thoughts? 

122:00 Why does God seem so clear about some things in scripture (e.g. generosity, unity) but so unclear about other things (like women’s roles in ministry and hell)? 

1:26:47 What does scripture actually say about Communion? The texts in Luke 22:19 & 1 Cor 11:24 seem to simply say: whenever you have any meal at all, remember my death 

1:31:13 When do you think a woman can preach/teach? If she’s the most qualified or available person in a certain situation, should she preach until a man is available? 

1:34:22 Do you believe good and/or evil things can happen “randomly” in the world? Or can everything be traced back to the free will of humans and/or spiritual beings?