Podcast #1082

Surviving Abuse and Helping Lead the Persecuted Church: Naghmeh Panahi

Preston Sprinkle

Surviving Abuse and Helping Lead the Persecuted Church: Naghmeh PanahiTheology in the Raw
Naghmeh has one of the most incredible stories I’ve ever heard. Raised in a Muslim family, converted to Christ through her brother’s dream at age 9, helped start a massive house church movement in Iran where she faced tremendous persecution, which eventually landed her husband in prison. She then found herself on a national stage fighting to get her husband out of prison—talking to major news outlets (CNN, Fox, etc.) and to presidents Obama and Trump. She then had to face some hard truths about her abusive husband, and when she spoke out against abuse, she faced a backlash from some high-profile American church leaders. Naghmeh currently lives in Boise, ID and speaks out against the abuse of women in the church and continues to serve the house church movement in Iran. Even though that culture devalues women, the church in Iran is growing rapidly through the leadership of women, of which Naghmeh is a part. Naghmeh has written about her story in a forthoming book: I Didn’t Survive: Emerging Whole After Deception, Persecution, and Hidden Abuse. You can learn more about Naghmeh from her website: https://www.tahriralnisa.org/about/naghmeh-panahi/