Podcast #1193

Should Christians Be Patriotic? Shane Claiborne

Preston Sprinkle

Should Christians Be Patriotic? Shane ClaiborneTheology in the Raw

Shane Claiborne is a best-selling author, renowned activist, sought-after speaker, and self-proclaimed “recovering sinner.” Shane writes and speaks around the world about peacemaking, social justice, and Jesus, and is the author of several books, including “The Irresistible Revolution,” “Jesus for President,” “Executing Grace,” “Beating Guns,” and his newest book, “Rethinking Life (released in Feb 2023).” He is the visionary leader of The Simple Way in Philadelphia and co-director of Red Letter Christians. His work has been featured in Fox News, Esquire, SPIN, TIME, the Wall Street Journal, NPR, and CNN.
In this podcast episode (which was recorded on May 1st), we talk about the conflict in Israel-Palestine, student protests on U.S. university campuses, and various things related to patriotism, nationalism, and the gospel.
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