Podcast #1103

Sexual Ethics and Christ’s Upside Down Kingdom: Dr. Branson Parler

Preston Sprinkle

Sexual Ethics and Christ's Upside Down Kingdom: Dr. Branson ParlerTheology in the Raw
Dr. Branson Parler (Ph.D., Calvin Theological Seminary) is Director of Theological Education and Professor of Theology at The Foundryin Grand Rapids, Michigan and a pastor, author, and speaker. He teaches and writes on a wide variety of topics in theology, philosophy, and biblical studies. He serves on the collaborative leadership team for The Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender and as Director of Faith Formation at Fourth Reformed Church in Grand Rapids. In this conversation, we talk about Branson’s latest book: Every Body’s Story: 6 Myths About Sex and the Gospel Truth about Marriage and Singleness. Learn more about Branson from his website: http://www.bransonparler.com