Podcast #1053

Second Bonus Q & A of 2023

Preston Sprinkle

Second Bonus Q & A of 2023Theology in the Raw
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00:00 Introduction 

1:20 Jackie Hill recently denounced the Enneagram as demonic in origin. Why do you think the broader Christian community has so casually embraced the Enneagram? 

12:49 What does your personal quiet time/Bible study look like? How long, what plan, what time of day, your approach, how often, etc.? 

19:06 Does 1 Corinthians 1 talking about divisions among the people apply to the concept of denominations? Is it biblical to have these splits within the church? 

22:02 Do you have a theology on the dinosaurs creation and extinction? It’s enough to make me doubt at times. Is there anything like that that makes you doubt? 

27:32 If the new earth is a “return to Eden,” is a “second fall” possible? If not, what about free will? Can free will exist without sin? 

32:58 Is the ESV is unfairly biased towards Women in Leadership? Beth Allison Bar’s book presented a case that the ESV is just RSV that doubles on gender language. 

45:02 Does the Bible claim to be divinely inspired? Did Jesus say that? Why do Christians often equivocate “God’s Word” (in the biblical text) with the Bible itself? 

48:05 How would you define “witchcraft”? It seems like it’s applied to things people just don’t like. What is and is not witchcraft (as mentioned in the Bible)? 

50:56 I loved your recent podcast with Ernesto Duke. So where do you land … Should Christians save for retirement? Is retirement even biblical? 

58:46 Does 1 Cor 5 seems to encourage you not to eat with Brothers in Christ who live in sin. How do you Apply this to affirming Christians who are in a Gay marriage? 

1:02:37 Recommended ways/books to talk with children about sex/sexuality to get in front of things they will be exposed to in their life? 

1:04:34 What’s your take on the Andy Stanley kerfuffle? 

108:53 How does a church that is non-affirming accept and love gay Christians even if they are actively involved in a same-sex relationship?