Podcast #1049

Salvation by Allegiacne Alone: Dr. Matthew Bates

Preston Sprinkle

Salvation by Allegiacne Alone: Dr. Matthew BatesTheology in the Raw
Matthew W. Bates (Ph.D., University of Notre Dame) argues that the Greek word pistis often translated as “faith” is better understood as “allegiance.” Therefore, we are justified by allegiance to Christ alone, not simply by an intellectual assent to the facts about Jesus. This, of course, raises deep theological questions about the role of human action in justification and salvation and whether the Reformers understood things correctly when they talked about justification by faith alone. Matthew is a Professor of Theology at Quincy University. His main teaching area is the Bible and early Christian literature. He also teaches courses in Western Religion, Church History, and Christian Spirituality. Dr. Bates is an award-winning author. His popular and influential books include Gospel Allegiance (Brazos, 2019), Salvation by Allegiance Alone (Baker Academic, 2017), and The Birth of the Trinity (Oxford University Press, 2015). Current book projects on salvation and christology are underway. Dr. Bates also co-hosts OnScript, a Bible and theology podcast. He enjoys family life, hiking, baseball, and good conversation. More info on Dr. Bates, his publications, and his availability for speaking can be found at MatthewWBates.com.