Podcast #1133

Politics, the Bible, Christian Nationalism, and Hauerwas vs. O’Donovan: Kaitlyn Schiess

Preston Sprinkle

Politics, the Bible, Christian Nationalism, and Hauerwas vs. O'Donovan: Kaitlyn SchiessTheology in the Raw
Kaitlyn is a writer, author, and a doctoral student at Duke Divinity School studying political theology, ethics, and biblical interpretation. She graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2021 with a ThM in systematic theology and is the author of two books: The Liturgy of Politics: Spiritual Formation for the Sake of Our Neighbor and The Ballot and the Bible: How Scripture Has Been Used and Abused in American Politics and Where We Go from Here.

This podcast conversation goes all over the map, but we discuss things related to politics in general, economic policy, her book The Ballot and the Bible, Christian Nationalism, her journey away from a full on Hauerwasian political theology toward a more…O’Donovan-ish approach, and many other things. 

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