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Patreon Q&A Preview: January 2024

Preston Sprinkle

Patreon Q&A Preview: January 2024Theology in the Raw
Welcome to a sneak peek of the Bonus Q&A episode, part of the Theology in the Raw premium subscription. 

In the full episode, we discuss:

0:00  Introduction
2:02    My wife has recently become affirming and I am not. I’m concerned about how she reads the Bible and what to do?
11:30  How important is it that you and your wife Chris are in step in your theology?
16:08  How would you counsel a youth pastor to incorporate LGBT kids into a youth group setting?
22:13  Would you ever do a podcast again like you did with Jared?
25:08. Christians don’t have to follow OT Law.  Why are the Ten Commandments different?
32:25. All scripture is inspired by God.  How do we know the NT writers considered their writings to be scripture? 
39:52.  Hebrews 4:15–does this mean Jesus experienced every kind of specific temptation or is it referring to general human temptation?
41:10. Why does John include Jesus’ “”I AM”” statements and the synoptics do not?
43:42. Any updates on taking the EXILES conference to different cities?
43:59. What are some disarming “”in-love”” questions that can get friends who disagree with pronoun hospitality to stop and think and not just give knee-jerk reactions?
53:44. How do we reconcile the story of Jonah with the historical evidence that the Assyrians ever repented of their atrocities?
59:01. What does Jesus mean when he says, “”The eye is the lamp of the body.””  If the light within you is darkness, how deep is that darkness?
1:02:57.  Rapid Fire!”

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