Podcast #1180

Israel-Palestine from the Perspective of a Gazan Theologian: Dr. Yousef Alkhouri

Preston Sprinkle

Israel-Palestine from the Perspective of a Gazan Theologian: Dr. Yousef Alkhouri Theology in the Raw

Dr. Yousef AlKhouri (Ph.D. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) is Christian Arab Palestinian theologian and activist. He was born in Gaza to a Christian family that has a long heritage of serving in the priesthood of the Greek Orthodox Church. He is married to Merna and they live in Bethlehem, Palestine. Yousef has written several poems in Arabic. In 2007, he published his first poetry collection under the title “You are Not My Beloved.” In addition to teaching at BethBC and lecturing to international groups on various topics pertaining to Palestine and Palestinian Christians. Dr. AlKhouri is also a board member of Kairos Palestine, Christ at the Checkpoint, and the Academic Alliance for Interfaith Dialogue in Palestine. He enjoys reading, writing, and teaching. He loves music, nature, and traveling. https://bethbc.edu/Faculty/yousef-alkhouri/

The conversation covers various topics related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including the role of Palestinians as cheap labor for the Israeli economy, the impact of Hamas on the economic situation in Gaza, the media’s portrayal of the conflict, and the experience of Palestinians at checkpoints. The guest emphasizes the importance of nonviolent resistance and calls for the church to prioritize the message of Jesus over nationalism. He also encourages listeners to educate themselves about the history and theology of the conflict and to visit Palestine to see the reality on the ground.

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