Podcast #1115

Is the Abortion Industry Systemically Racist? Treneé McGee

Preston Sprinkle

Is the Abortion Industry Systemically Racist? Treneé McGeeTheology in the Raw
In November 2019, Treneé won a seat as Councilwoman of the 7th District of West Haven City Council, becoming the youngest person to hold this position. She currently serves as a State Representative elected to represent the 116th District in West Haven, CT. She is a member of the Education Committee, Environment Committee, and Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. Treneé is also an advocate for life–all of life–and is an outspoken activist for the life of the unborn. And, as you’ll hear in this podcast conversation, she believes that the abortion industry is systemically racist. 

Watch her short speech at the March for Life rally in January, 2023: https://youtu.be/PB0-x9hfvsc?si=Bn0Fbuu_PynLPhXA 

Learn more about Treneé from her website: https://www.treneemcgee.com 

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