Podcast #1041

First Bonus Q & A of 2023

Preston Sprinkle

First Bonus Q & A of 2023Theology in the Raw
Welcome to a sneak peek of the first Bonus Q&A episode, part of the Theology in the Raw premium subscription.

In the full episode, we discuss:
00:00 Introduction
1:38 What’s your take on the historical Adam?
9:20 What is your view on covenant friendships/celibate partnerships?
17:10 Was Paul’s thorn in the flesh same sex attraction?
18:15 What is meant by the power assigned to the devil/satan over the earth?
21:12 How could Adam say “man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife” when Adam was created from dirt and Eve from his side?
23:18 Does the fact (?) that God is neither male nor female have any contribution to make in the egalitarian/complementarian conversation?
26:15 Luke 2:25 says the Spirit was on Simeon. How is this different from post Pentecost Holy Spirit.
29:35 Should I watch violent movies like LOTR if I’m convinced of nonviolence?
33:17 Could it be that Genesis 1’s 7 days are not days of creation but correspond to the 7 days Moses was on Sinai (Exod 24:15-18)?
35:36 Is there any substance to the idea that heaven/the new earth will exist “outside of time”?
38:43 What are your thoughts on pop-psychology as opposed to the biblical soul care model within the church? Can both exist together?
44:02 Thoughts on Church of Christ? I grew up COC. Sometimes you and Francis Chan seem headed in that direction :blush:e.g. communion, no paid church staff, NV, etc.
46:31 Why do we limit the upside-down, first-are-last Kingdom ethics to Jesus?
50:18 If you started another micro church today, what would you differently than last time?
53:21 Was “the great commission” intended to be a command for all believers? Or was it a specific exhortation to those disciples at the time?
55:54 What do you think about 4th point in https://christiansforsocialaction.org/resource/im-going-crazy?
58:25 How to answer my daughter who’s afraid she won’t remain in God because she has seen close relatives turn their backs on God after living vibrant spiritual lives
1:01:11 My sibs are now Progressive Christians and it’s one of the biggest disappointments of my life. I struggle with mere conversation, much more, raising my kids around them. Advice?
1:04:28 What would be the one thing you find most attractive and most objectionable about some of the major Christian denominations/traditions you haven’t been part of?
1:07:22 I’d love to hear your take on if the Bible claims inerrancy or not. Pete Enns and Jarad Bias have some solid arguments for the “Error of Inerrancy” – thoughts?
1:11:25 Was Jesus tempted with same-sex attraction? HEB 4:15
1:13:36 You said in the 2022 review you would likely welcome guests with “heretical” views. Would it be fair to say a guest’s earnestness is a larger factor for you?
1:15:24 What do you find to be the most compelling/winsome Biblical and extra-Biblical arguments for Christian nationalism?
1:19:42 What does covenentalism (New Perspective on Paul) say about once saved always saved? Are there any examples of a member of God’s covenant people (OT Jew) leaving/being kicked out?
1:21:38 Resources you recommend for someone wanting to grow in their understanding of church doctrines, spiritual formation, basic Christian beliefs & church history?
1:23:06 Why would God create a clitoris—the only organ who only serves one purpose: pleasure? Especially if it’s rarely stimulated with intercourse?
1:25:37 In what ways do the biblical passages on gendered marital roles apply to roles in the church? I.e. could you be complementarian in one but egalitarian in the other?

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