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Church and Israel, Same-sex weddings, Halloween, Authority of Scripture, Justified lies, and other questions

Preston Sprinkle

Church and Israel, Same-sex weddings, Halloween, Authority of Scripture, Justified lies, and other questionsTheology in the Raw
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In the full episode, we discuss:

00:00 Introduction 
00:35 What is the relationship between the church and Israel? Has the church replaced Israel? Should Christians be more concerned about Israel than any other country? 
11:55 Where are your personal boundaries around attending/participating in a same-sex wedding? A close gay friend just got engaged, so am having to think about this. 17:49 What are your thoughts on a “justified lie”? Something like Rahab or similar situations of protecting life through lying? 
21:36 Halloween, Harry Potter, etc… should we? Tolkien and Lewis are full of magic and even occultist things, but people LOVE them. 
27:13 I am curious why over 80% of the LGBTQ community were raised in the church. I’m interested in your perspective. 
29:26 How can we have confidence that the story of Noah is the true depiction of the flood when so many religions also have their own versions of a major flood? 
34:51 Do you believe any part of the Bible is NOT God breathed? I.e. authoritative. 42:15 Is there any scriptural evidence to believe people who lack the cognitive ability (I.e. people with disabilities) to understand the Gospel will be saved? 
44:38 In Mark 1, Jesus confronts many demons and those demon possessed. How did this manifest socially in the first century? Is there a modern day comparison to this? 
47:56 Have there been any interviews you haven’t aired or regretted airing? 
50:33 As Christians, indwelled by the Holy Spirit, can we be influenced (or even possessed) by demonic beings? 
53:04 Which books/arguments/places in Scripture did you find most winsome for and against just war theory and killing in self-defense? 
59:09 Does God ever actively discipline Christians? If so, when and how does it happen? What does the Bible tell us about God’s discipline of Christians? 
1:04:57 What do we do with prophecies in OT & NT that are unfulfilled regarding Israel? If prophecy relating to Jesus were literal shouldn’t we treat these similarly? 1:10:09 Thoughts on importance of spiritual discipline such as fasting or solitude to support and advance discipleship? 
1:15:10 Rapid Fire Questions…

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