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Bonus Q&A: What is heresy? Marriage without kids, Campus protests, Original sin, Why I’m not Catholic/Orthodox, and much more

Preston Sprinkle

Bonus Q&A: What is heresy? Marriage without kids, Campus protests, Original sin, Why I'm not Catholic/Orthodox, and much moreTheology in the Raw

Welcome to a sneak peek of the Bonus Q&A episode, part of the Theology in the Raw premium subscription.
In the full episode, we discuss:
0:00 Introduction
2:12 It seems like you and some of your critics define “heresy” differently- what do you think constitutes heresy vs. bad/wrong beliefs about God?
10:02 Is it wrong for someone to get married who doesn’t want kids? Does this desire for only non procreative sex violate God’s design for marriage and sexuality?
16:23 What are the main reasons you are not Catholic or Orthodox?
24:18 Do you hold to the western doctrine of original sin or the eastern idea that we’re born of the essence of God and therefore are born good? Why?
27:36 Is it Biblical to have different denominations? Should we be concerned with putting man-made prefixes before our faith?
32:04 Appreciated Exiles book. How do you answer the idea of the USA being founded on Biblical principles that are worth backing- equality, justice (even though poorly done)
34:23 Is there a biblical imperative for an institutional version of “church” or was it always meant to be a movement of people in more organic forms?
38:10 Thoughts on the pro/Palestinian protests and subsequent arrests on college campuses? Reports of antisemitism?
1:04:30 How old was Peter during Jesus’ ministry? Heard both he was a teenager, age of type apprentice and that he was older, b/c he was married. And the other disciples?
1:06:16 Considering homeschooling. Can you share your experience homeschooling your kids?
1:10:58 Is the word for ”helper” in regards to Phoebe the same word used to describe others as “minister/pastor/teacher” or similar? (Heard Jennifer Bird suggest this)
1:13:45 If you’re in full time ministry, does that cause a concentration of power that causes abuse?
1:14:47 Did Johnny B come up with baptism? Or was that part of Judaism before him?
1:16:19 RAPID FIRE
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