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BONUS Q&A: Patreon Special (June 2023)

Preston Sprinkle

BONUS Q&A: Patreon Special (June 2023)Theology in the Raw
Patreon Monthly Q&A

Welcome to a sneak peek of the Bonus Q&A episode, part of the Theology in the Raw premium subscription.

In the full episode, we discuss:

0:50 Thoughts on boycotting Target (and/or Budweiser)? Or more precisely, thoughts on doing so publicly/encouraging others to? Is it unloving to LGBT community?

8:01 I work in marketing. How would you respond if your company asked you to run a pride campaign?

13:37 I heard Paul was so sure that Jesus was going to come back in his lifetime, that most of his mandates for churches were supposed to be short term. Thoughts?

17:03 Thoughts on the ‘Divine Counsel’? Do you think there are many created beings besides angels and earthly creatures? Are there any implications for evil etc?

23:13 Any thoughts on how to incorporate / improve theological education in the church? Or do we just outsource that to seminaries?

29:13 Do you think the OT gods are actual demons? I thought they were just inanimate objects but recently heard they were fallen angels / beings.

31:11 What’s Jude 1:9 about? The Devil and Angel Michael arguing about Moses’ body? Is this an extra-biblical account?

34:38 What do you think of Campbell’s reasoning around divorce? (Not God’s ideal, but permissible) Could you apply the same reasoning to abortion? Apples and oranges?

37:55 There seems to be a belief that not affirming transgendered people increases the chance of suicide. Are you aware of research to back this up? How to respond?

48:19 My dechurched sister doesn’t take issue with NT about Jesus/God but takes issue with epistles’ moral commands (LGBTQ, sex roles, etc) Thoughts/advice/resources?

51:46 What parts of Eastern Orthodoxy do you really wish we did in evangelical churches?

54:25 Any encouragement for a couple who can’t decide if they want kids?

57:06 Do you think the Bible’s seeming endorsement of levirate marriage and calling polygamy marriage informs our conversations about LGBT marriage today?

59:53 How do you handle people, if any, that would call you transphobic because you don’t affirm or agree with them?

1:03:17 Is “speaking in tongues” and being “filled with the Holy Spirit” synonymous? If not, is the teaching of that damaging + how should we respond to those churches

1:05:11 Protestants seem to divide a lot. How do you determine which doctrinal issues are worth dividing over?

1:09:25 (Rapid Fire Questions…)

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