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BONUS Q&A: Patreon Special (July 2023)

Preston Sprinkle

BONUS Q&A: Patreon Special (July 2023)Theology in the Raw
Patreon Monthly Q&A

Welcome to a sneak peek of the Bonus Q&A episode, part of the Theology in the Raw premium subscription.

In the full episode, we discuss:

00:00 Introduction 00:55 What are your thoughts on the SBC kicking out church’s that have woman pastors? 8:30 ish How would you best steel man Rosaria Butterfield’s critique of your book Embodied, which she thinks is dangerous? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqBFEhkwaJg 22:27 When Paul says “I do not permit a woman…” why do we not treat that similarly to when he says that about “I say it’s good not to marry” 26:47 a simple Q, but i’d love to know – as much as I love podcasts I basically only listen to this one – what are YOUR go-to podcasts, theology or otherwise? 34:09 What is your relationship with John MacArthur? I would love to hear you interview him because you are willing to push back and ask real questions. 37:29 Is social nudity always sinful? Does the Bible have an absolute minimum dress code that would cover all cultures? 42:27 Why do we ignore 1 Corinthians 11:5-6 about head coverings? How do you feel about people using that as a reason to ignore Paul’s stance on homosexuality? 48:25 What are your thoughts on David Platt and his teachings about evangelism? People are currently going to hell and it is your fault for not spreading the Gospel 52:00 When Paul lists qualifications for elders, why should we assume that would be the same for the church today? Why all people all time? 55:39 What are your thoughts around a pastor posting on social media/youtube about “false teachers” & name dropping them as well? 59:06 At the conference, Gary Breshears talked about Levels of Certainty (issues we DIE, DIVIDE, DEBATE, & DECIDE for). Where do sexuality issues fall on this scale? 1:02:31 Does 1 Corinthian 7:1-7 give grounds for divorce in an absolutely sexless marriage? 1:04:42 I’ve read that Paul’s prohibitions on sexual immorality apply more to adultery & sex w/ prostitutes, not premarital sex in committed relationships. Any merit? 1:08:01 What is the meaning of the horrific story of the concubine in Judges 19. Why do you think this seemingly random story is included in scripture? 1:12:23 Do you think Christians (particularly pastors/elders) have a responsibility to speak publicly (outside the church) on social issues? 1:14:20 How did the NT writers and early church fathers understand “the authority of Scripture” 1:16:19 My church co-workers un-ironically and negatively use the word woke all the time. How can I convince them to stop?
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