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BONUS Q&A November 2023

Preston Sprinkle

BONUS Q&A November 2023Theology in the Raw
Welcome to a sneak peek of the Bonus Q&A episode, part of the Theology in the Raw premium subscription. 

In the full episode, we discuss:
00:00 Introduction: 
0:35. What pushback did you get on your Israel/Palestine interviews? 
9:21  CS Lewis commends the reading of Old Books. What are your favorite ‘classics?’ Would you say there are any ‘most Christians’ should read? 
12:20  What is the biblical basis for people stating that the 1st ministry priority is one’s nuclear family? What is a good theology of family? 
20:11  Thoughts on Church Discipline from 1 Cor 5? What about when someone believes they aren’t living in sin, but I think they are? To them it wouldn’t be unrepentant 
25:37  What is Jesus’ lesson in Luke 16:8? Can’t imagine He’s actually condoning the behavior of the dishonest manager? I’m stumped. 
27:14  Was the Revolutionary War (American Independence) justified in your eyes? 
29:40  When Jesus talks about the “Abomination of Desecration” being in the Temple as a future event- how are we supposed to think about this? 
33:47  I feel like I fear hell more than love God. Do you have tips on how to switch that around? I grew up in a very fear based context, hell house productions, etc 
37:30  Do you think street evangelism is a beneficial way to share the Gospel, or should we only focus on relationship-based evangelism? 
44:44  Do you believe any part of the Bible is NOT God breathed/authoritative? (I.e. added in later, not original.) 
49:55  Do you vote in elections? Thoughts on the 2024 election? 
56:06  Is the view that Jesus is eternally subordinate truth or heresy? What is the biblical basis either way? 
1:00:27  If we somehow discovered one of the lost correspondences of Paul, would it be Scripture? What if it offered contradictions to his writings? 
1:02:19  Rapid Fire Questions

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