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BONUS Q & A: Pronoun Debate, Focus on the Family, Modesty Conversations, and More

Preston Sprinkle

BONUS Q & A: Pronoun Debate, Focus on the Family, Modesty Conversations, and More Theology in the Raw
00:00 Introduction
1:31 Your thoughts on Rosaria Butterfield’s recent post: https://www.reformation21.org/blog/why-i-no-longer-use-transgender-pronouns-and-why-you-shouldnt-either
16:35 Thoughts on Dr. James Dobson, and Focus on the Family? Specifically around LGBTQ issues or in general.
19:32 What was your biggest takeaway from your interview with Sheila and Rebecca? 32:58 What are your thoughts on there being no Male pronouns for elder qualifications in the Greek in 1Tim3 and Titus 1? Is that accurate to say?
38:34 Is church membership Biblical? Does NT stress membership or fellowship? How can we deny church membership to people who are in Christ? Affirming gay Christian
48:08 17YO is affirming LGBTQ. Should we encourage her to attend affirming church when she is older? She struggles with the conservative church, can’t see attending one
55:40 You are privy to a lot of info that you can’t make public. Generally speaking, if we knew what you knew, how would this change how we would see things?
1:03:23 Would Paul’s own singleness disqualify him from his own (alleged by some) criteria of eldership based on a “plain text” interpretation of 1 Tim 3:2/Tit 1:6?
1:07:09 Your thoughts on why scripture speaks so much of the adulterous woman – it is always the woman’s fault. We never read “Beware of the adulterous man”
1:12:20 You’ve mentioned the idea that someone can live without sex, but not intimacy. Do we focus too much on the family? Good resources on the theology of friendship?
1:14:20 Is God gendered? We always call him Father, but how much of that is our Western lens? Also, is the Holy Spirit gendered?
1:21:38 Some argue that Adam naming Eve implies authority over her. If that is true, what do we do with Hagar giving a name to God?
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