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Bonus Q & A (Patreon Special): Masturbation, Annihilation, Cussing, LGBTQ, and How to Share the Gospel

Preston Sprinkle

Bonus Q & A (Patreon Special): Masturbation, Annihilation, Cussing, LGBTQ, and How to Share the GospelTheology in the Raw
Welcome to a sneak peek of the Bonus Q&A episode, part of the Theology in the Raw premium subscription. 

In the full episode, we discuss:

00:00 Introduction 
00:50 What is the best Biblical argument against masturbation? I’ve always heard it is a sin, but I can’t see why. That rule seems like a heavy burden for many. 
6:18 Most modern church gatherings are focused on the “sermon”. Was this the case in the early church? Is the sermon more akin to prophecy or teaching? 
21:03 What convinced you of the annihilationist view of Hell? 
31:08 Friends are saying it’s okay for Christians to cuss, as long as it’s used in a positive context (x*#& yeah!) not tearing someone down (f*%# you). Your thoughts? 
38:07 If LGBTQ issues are not an agree to disagree issue, what does that look like practically? Leave churches? End friendships? Etc? 
42:18 There seems to be a fear from Complementarians that if you affirm women in leadership, you will eventually affirm Same Sex marriages. Have u seen this 2 be true 
48:25 How would you share the Gospel one on one? Would you share the Romans Road? Or Bridge Illustration? Or similar to NT Wright share about Heaven coming here? 
53:47 What’s your view on tithing? Many people I know see it as a taken-for-granted requirement, but the NT never says tithe, just to be generous.
57:25 “Marriage” not found in the Bible? Jennifer Grace Bird suggests this – are you familiar with her work/reading of scripture in how she approaches this? Thoughts? 
1:00:54 your eschatology? Also, do you think that the pre-, post-, a-millennial ideas or a helpful framework anymore? 
1:06:22 My preschooler was asked to share pronouns daily in school. How should I approach/discuss transgender topics with my *young* children in the progressive PNW? 
1:13:42 A lot gets labeled as being of “The Fall” – it seems overused. I don’t see the application reading Gen, Romans, 1 Corinth, etc. Is this “Biblically” merited? 
1:18:20 Rapid Fire Questions…

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