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BONUS Q & A: Divorce, church security, androgynous Adam, Revoice, and more

Preston Sprinkle

BONUS Q & A: Divorce, church security, androgynous Adam, Revoice, and moreTheology in the Raw
0:00 Introduction
1:22 What was your perspective on the divorce conversation with Constantine? Did anything he said push you to re-evaluate your current stance?
8:28 With a non-violent stance (which I share), how do you see church security? To me, it seems to be suspicious of others and prioritizes the lives of believers.
14:41 Is it possible that Adam was not sexed before Eve was created? Thinking through how Adam renamed himself and wasn’t “man” until woman was created.
20:18 How involved are supernatural forces in our daily lives? The ancient world recognized much more than we do. Is this important for believers today?
28:30 With all your research into the NT church, do you see any benefits to keeping church sizes intentionally smaller and more localized?
43:57 Given that circumcision was given as a sign of the covenant in Genesis 17, what does this say about women? Did God not make a OT covenant with them?
48:46 Age of accountability. Is this really a thing??
53:59 Have you maintained a relationship with the Revoice people and what direction do you think it and the Side B movement is going?
1:00:53 Is it sinful for Christians to save money for retirement or other personal financial goals) in light of Scripture’s commands to be generous/care for the poor?
1:07:26 I recently asked ChatGPT to make a biblical case for universalism and for eternal torment. Both were compelling. How might AI impact the future of theology?
1:11:55 Thoughts on churches like North Point hosting an LGBTQ conference with primarily affirming speakers, and Saddleback partnering with “The Reformation Project”?
1:17:58 Dino episode: Was God’s creation imperfect if death existed before the fall of man? Did God create death? What about Romans 8 talking about creation groaning?
1:26:38 What do you think of rewards in Heaven? To me, it seems to imply inequality in Heaven. And Matt 20:1-16 could be seen as pushing back on it.

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