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Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, Rick Warren, Female Leaders in the Early Church, and much more: Q & A with Preston Sprinkle

Preston Sprinkle

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, Rick Warren, Female Leaders in the Early Church, and much more: Q & A with Preston SprinkleTheology in the Raw
00:00 Introduction
0:48  What’s the best definition you have for blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? 
4:26  What was the Most compelling part of your interview with Rick Warren? 
11:14  Are we certain as Rick Warren claimed that women Christians did teach or preach at Pentecost? 
11:53  What are your thoughts about MLK jrs history with adulteries and why it isn’t talked about more given todays metoo movement especially in the church. 
16:52  Were there examples of female leadership in churches in the second and third century? 
22:44  Church services often feel like a weekly event or performance and like the main way of being part of a church. How do we practically move away from this?
33:38  Might all be vegetarian in the New Heaven and New earth because creation will be restored and death will be defeated? 
37:10  I just found out my wife is pregnant. Any advice for a new dad? 
41:13  It’s clear that sex within marriage should stay within that marriage, but where in the Bible does it say that sex before marriage is wrong? 
44:52  What are your thoughts on Christians watching movies with some nudity (e.g. Oppenheimer)? Is just looking away enough or do you think they should be avoided? 
48:09  I’ve heard people use the phrase “spiritual covering” in reference to pastors/churches and husbands/families. Not sure what that means or the Biblical basis. 
49:13  I’m leading a small discipleship group of students at a Christian HS. Where do I start with conversations around sexuality and gender? 
53:16  How strongly have you and your family considered joining a house/micro church network, and why have you not so far? 
57:10  What are your thoughts on “aliens” with recent disclosures in the media and from “Babylon”? How should the Church and Christian’s be thinking about these beings 
1:00:28  How do I know what is a spiritual gift versus more traits and skills related to personality type, education, or job/volunteer experience? 
1:01:56  Why did the Church decide that only believers are welcome at God’s table? The feeding of the 5,000 uses similar Greek to the LS passages. Isaiah 55 – everyone? 
1:04:57  Rapid fire responses…

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