Podcast #1177

A Response to Alisa Childers and Christopher Yuan

Preston Sprinkle

A Response to Alisa Childers and Christopher YuanTheology in the Raw

Alisa Childers recently had Dr. Christopher Yuan on her YouTube channel to discuss various problems they see in what they call “Side B Christianity,” and my name often came up in their critiques. They also offered several critiques of the Exiles in Babylon 2024 conference, which I hosted last month. 

In this episode, I work through their conversation and respond to several things where I believe they have misrepresented what I actually believe. My goal in this episode is not to attack Alisa or Christopher, nor is it to stir up disunity; rather, I simply want to clarify what I believe about important matters related to sexuality and gender, especially in places where others are claiming I believe things that I actually don’t. 

Here’s the original YouTube conversation between Alisa and Christopher: https://youtu.be/aRNC9b_SZto?si=-5-dCclHfD-ySeFR

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