Podcast #1095

A Raw Conversation with Christian Rapper nobigdyl.

Preston Sprinkle

A Raw Conversation with Christian Rapper nobigdyl.Theology in the Raw
nobigdyl. (born Dylan Philips) is an artist from Middle Tennesee and part of the “indie tribe” collective. Personally, he’s one of my favorite musicians. Learn more about dyl from his website: https://www.dyllie.com/about In this conversation, we talk about the Christian hip hop industry, his decision to go independent, the pros and cons of “making it” in the music scene, and we walk through several of my favorite songs of his: “One Way,” “What a Day,” “Lighter Fluid,” and “Willy.” Check out the upcoming “SmokeFest23!” in Nashville, TN August 18-19 https://indietribe.us