Podcast #1122

A Palestinian Christian’s Perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian War: Daniel Bannoura

Preston Sprinkle

A Palestinian Christian's Perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian War: Daniel BannouraTheology in the Raw
Daniel was born in Jerusalem and has lived both in Palestine and the United States of America. He holds a BS from University of Florida, an MA from London School of Theology, another MA from University of Chicago, and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Theology from Notre Dame University. His academic interests and publications focus mainly on Qur’anic Studies, Medieval Arabic Christian philosophy, and Muslim-Christian relations. 

Currently, he is writing an introductory book on the Qur’an, the first of its kind for an Arabic audience. He is also active with Kairos Palestine and Christ at the Checkpoint. In addition to his academic career, Daniel is active in small entrepreneurial projects like recycling glass waste and roasting coffee. In this podcast conversation, Daniel gives a 150 year historical and political overview of Jewish and Palestinian relations, which has led to the recent war in Gaza. https://bethbc.edu/Faculty/daniel-bannoura/ 

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