Podcast #1090

A Native American’s Perspecitve on the 4th of July: Terry Wildman

Preston Sprinkle

A Native American's Perspecitve on the 4th of July: Terry WildmanTheology in the Raw
Terry M. Wildman (Ojibwe and Yaqui) is the lead translator, general editor, and project manager of the First Nations Version of the Bible. He serves as the director of spiritual growth and leadership development for Native InterVarsity. He is also the founder of Rain Ministries and has previously served as a pastor and worship leader. In this conversation, I wanted to get Terry’s perspecive on how Native Americans feel about the 4th of July. Not trying to spoil your fire works celebration. Just trying to help us have a more thorough–indeed, Christian–perspecive on the liturgies of the empire. https://www.ivpress.com/terry-m-wildman