Podcast #1130

A Christian Perspective on Dating: Kait and J.J. Tomlin

Preston Sprinkle

A Christian Perspective on Dating: Kait and J.J. TomlinTheology in the Raw
Kait and J.J. are passionate about helping Christians navigate the dating world. Kait is a best-selling author, speaker, popular relationship coach, and the founder of Heart of Dating. She helps thousands of men and women on their journeys through the conversations on the Heart of Dating Podcast, which launched in 2018. Through her ministry, Kait’s mission is to empower both men and women to have the courage to own their story, walk in victory, thrive with purpose, and discover clarity and vision in their life and relationships. J.J. and Kait got married in 2022, and now J.J. helps coach men through the Heart of Dating ministry.

I talk to Kait and J.J. about all things related to dating: what are the most common questions people who are dating ask? How far is too far? Where are all the good Christian guys? What are some problems that purity culture created for dating? Does anything good happen after 10pm? What’s the difference between wise and legalistic dating practices? Should people date to have fun, or only for marriage? And should teenagers date? 

Find out more about their ministry at: https://www.heartofdating.com 

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