Podcast #925

#925 – Power and Privilege in Paul, Mark, and White Evangelicalism: Dr. Tim Gombis

Preston Sprinkle

Theology in the Raw

Okay, so if you’re easily offended (and white), then you might want to change the channel. Dr. Tim Gombis is a no-holds-barred honest scholar, who’s not afraid to go to the hard places and challenge the status quo. And that’s exactly what we do in this episode. We discuss the undiscussables; say the quiet things out loud, and push over sacred cows as we seek to get to know Jesus all over again. This episode is a mix of exegetical exploration and cultural analysis (or critique). 

Tim is a long-time friend, a fellow biblical scholar with a Ph.D. in New Testament from St. Andrews University in Scotland, and an all around great dude. He’s written tons of books including the Story of God Commentary on Mark and the recently released Power in Weakness. He’s been a professor of Bible and Theology at Cedarville University and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, and he currently hosts the Faith Improvised podcast

Theology in the Raw Conference – Exiles in Babylon

At the Theology in the Raw conference, we will be challenged to think like exiles about race, sexuality, gender, critical race theory, hell, transgender identities, climate change, creation care, American politics, and what it means to love your democratic or republican neighbor as yourself. Different views will be presented. No question is off limits. No political party will be praised. Everyone will be challenged to think. And Jesus will be upheld as supreme.

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