Podcast #897

#897 – Netflix’s “Pray Away” and the Ex-Gay Movement: Tony Scarcello

Preston Sprinkle

Theology in the Raw

Netflix recently released a documentary on the so-called “Ex-Gay” movement, highlighting its lies and all the damage it’s done to gay Christians. What are the pros of the movie? And what are the cons? My good friend Tony Scarcello and I evaluate this provocative documentary. 

Tony Scarcello is a pastor, speaker, and writer located in Springfield, Oregon. He regularly speaks at churches, camps, retreats, and conferences. Tony is also the host of the Regenerate Podcast and the author of the book Regenerate: Finding Jesus After Deconstruction. When he isn’t doing those things you can find him analyzing movies, reading theology, or spending time with his wife Kelsey, friends, and family.

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