Podcast #874

#874 – Race, Multiethnic Churches, and Slavery in the Bible: Dr. Dennis Edwards

Preston Sprinkle

Theology in the Raw

In this invigorating conversation, Dr. Edwards discusses his views on race in the church, the pros and cons of how the church has handled this topic over the last year, and his mixed views on multi-ethnic churches. We then get into a discussion about slavery in the Bible and answer some difficult questions about a difficult topic. 

Dr. Edwards has long been inspired with a hunger to understand scripture. Growing up in NYC, Dr. Edwards attended a storefront church whose pastor was an earnest, faithful, and dedicated spiritual leader. After attending seminary, his desire to better understand scripture continued. Dr. Edwards says, “I pursued my PhD largely in an effort to quench my thirst for enlightenment and understanding of God’s Word.”

Ordained through the Evangelical Covenant Church, Dr. Edwards has diverse ministry experiences as a church planter and pastor in Brooklyn, Minneapolis, and Washington D.C. Dr. Edwards received a BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University, an

MDiv (Urban Ministry) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, an MA and a PhD in Biblical Studies from Catholic University of America. Dr. Edwards currently serves as Associate Professor of New Testament at Northpark Theological Seminary. 


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