Podcast #854

#854- Singleness and Celibacy as Vocation: Pieter Valk

Preston Sprinkle

Theology in the Raw

Humans can live without sex, but we can’t live without love, intimacy, and community. So where does this leave Christian who are gay, who are also pursuing celibacy as a vocation? Pieter Valk helps us think through this question on a rich, theological, and practical level. 

Pieter graduated from Vanderbilt University with Highest Honors in Chemistry in 2013. After graduating, Pieter studied at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for a year with a focus on Lay Leadership and Culture-making.

Pieter is the founder and director of Equip Ministries, a Nashville based organization created to help churches become places where LGBT+ Christians could belong and thrive according to a traditional sexual ethic. See more here: https://equipyourcommunity.org

One of the most interesting projects Pieter is involved in is the Nashville Family of Brothers (https://familyofbrothers.org), a monastic-like community of Christian men devoted to pursuing celibacy together.

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