Podcast #815

#815 – Same-Sex Attraction, Deconstruction, and the Problem of Evil: Tony Scarcello

Preston Sprinkle

Theology in the Raw

Tony Scarcello is a friend, pastor, and the author of the forthcoming book: “Regenerate: Following Jesus After Deconstruction” (Oct 2020)
Tony is also attracted to other guys and is married to a woman. How does that work? We talk a lot about this in our conversation. Their marriage is actually one of the most vibrant and healthiest marriages I’ve ever seen. Because marriage is so much more than a place to satisfy your sexual desires. We also talk about his journey in and out and back into Christianity, how he’s had to restructure his view of God and the world around what the Bible actually says, and we discuss the perennial problem of evil. This is where we get super raw and real about our own struggles with the faith.

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