Podcast #802

#802 – Race, Repent, and Repair: With Tyler Burns

Preston Sprinkle

Theology in the Raw

Tyler Burns is the vice-president of The Witness, which is a black Christian collective that engages issues of religion, race, justice, and culture from a biblical perspective. Tyler is also the co-host of “Pass the Mic” podcast. In this extra raw conversation, Tyler helps us understand current race conversations from a black perspective and educates white evangelicals on our own blind spots and how we can embody Christ in our culture moment. Two things from this convo that really stand out.

First, that white people typically respond cerebrally to situations (what are the facts? Show me the evidence?) while black people typically respond with emotion. Neither is “right or wrong,” but it’s incredibly helpful to understand both social environments.

Second, Tyler said that the progressive woke white crowd is just as unproductive as the far right, white supremacist crowed. Black people aren’t concern with Aunt Jemima and white, woke, political correctness. Rather, black people want to see actual justice and change.

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