Podcast #632

#632 – Chris Date – Conditional Immortality, Terminal Punishment and Annihilation

Preston Sprinkle

Theology in the Raw

The Rethinking Hell Conference is taking place March 9–10, at The Heights Baptist Church in Richardson, Texas. Preston will be there with Chris doing a podcast live! You can find out more at rethinkinghellconference.com.

Today on the Podcast Preston is talking with Chris Date from the Rethinking Hell Podcast. 

Chris is diving into the topic of Annihilation or Conditional Immortality.

Why call it Conditional Immortality rather than Annihilation? What biblical support is there for Conditionalism? When did Chris stop looking at the Bible and determine to base his theology of Hell on emotions? (tongue in cheek) 

Chris is the a host and contributor of the Rethinking Hell Podcast and Blog. Chris seeks to take the Bible seriously and promote rigorous study of the scriptures. 

You can find the Chris’s podcast at rethinkinghell.com.

You can find Chris’s debate with Al Mohler here. 

The song at the end is Breakfast by Newsboys. 

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