Podcast #627

#627 – Celibate Christians – Trust the Bible – Obese Pastor

Preston Sprinkle

Theology in the Raw

Happy New Year! Preston is starting off this year in Melbourne, Australia. 

At the admonishment of Preston, get to know Michael F. Bird – ridley.edu.au/about-ridley/ridley-people/faculty/mike-bird

Preston’s Patreon-Voted questions today are: 

How can the Church support celibate Christians, gay or straight? 

Should women be in ministry? What does Paul say about it and is it a disputable manner? 

Why should we trust the Bible as an authoritative source of truth? 

Gluttony is a sin right? Why then do we submit ourselves to a pastor who clearly seems to have a problem with food?

Check out Sunder by isaacxhopes – youtube.com/watch?v=ptool1gI8Tw

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