Podcast #611

#611 – BJ Thompson – Black Lives Matter – LGBT Community

Preston Sprinkle

BJ ThompsonTheology in the Raw

On the show today, Preston is talking to BJ Thompson. 

BJ lives in Atlanta and used to roll with Lecrae and Trip Lee and helped start the 116 Movement. BJ works with Navigators and is the Co-Founder of Build A Better Us.

Over the past 15 years, BJ has partnered with organizations such as Desiring God, various churches and ministries to help develop marriages, form small groups and train leaders world-wide.

Today on the show they’re talking about all kinds of hot topics – the BLM Movement, ‘Are race relations really that bad?’, ‘Why is their a need for race reconciliation?’, ‘How should we engage the LGBT Community?’, ‘What’s with Donald Trump?’. 

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