Podcast #608

#608 – Charlottesville, Donald Trump, and a Moral Sexual Ethic

Preston Sprinkle

Charlottesville, Donald Trump, and a Moral Sexual EthicTheology in the Raw

What the heck is happening in Charlottesville? What did Donald Trump say? For more information about the events happening in Charlottesville, Preston recommends checking out The Ben Shapiro Show – Episodes 361, 362, 363

What about polyamory? Is it only consent that is required for a moral sexual ethic? 

What are some good resources that talk about reading the Bible in community? Check out The Bible Project

Are Jehovah’s Witnesses saved? Is it as simple as looking at someone’s good works in order to determine this? 

Open or closed communion?

What does Preston mean by calling himself a “reformed mennonite”? 

Are all Atonement theories valid? 

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